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Smart Irrigation Month: What You Need To Know

Smart Irrigation Month: What You Need To Know

July is known as Irrigation Month because it is a period when the demand is highest. Smart irrigation is a system that monitors weather and soil conditions to control and schedule irrigation times. This is important because a lot of water is going to waste. Because of the continued rise in population, the amount of water available is vanishing much faster than expected.

A Brief History of the Smart Irrigation Month

Irrigation Month was started by the Irrigation Association with the goal of educating the public on the benefits of smart irrigation products, technologies, and services. There are many ways water goes to waste, one of which is through sprinklers.

Having a nice lawn is the dream of many homeowners. However, sometimes people turn on sprinklers and forget to turn them off. This is where the concept of smart irrigation was conceived. It is meant to curb wastage of water by using the right technology at the right time.

What is the Purpose of Irrigation Month?

The main purpose of irrigation month is to create public awareness using campaigns that encourage efficient use of water, nurture green spaces, save money on utility bills and protect the water supply. This is important because over nine billion gallons of water are used daily for landscape irrigation. Out of that, more than 50% of water goes to waste due to overwatering.

Where Did the Concept of Irrigation start?

Irrigation is believed to have started in Mesopotamia in Ancient Egypt. Farmers directed an overflow of water to agricultural areas using river flow as their power source. The automation of irrigation systems was introduced in the 1800s. The move toward automatic irrigation was motivated by the fact that homes at that time were valued based on the condition of their lawns.

How to Participate in Smart Irrigation Month

1. Obtain smart irrigation systems for your lawn

One of the best ways to be active in the month is by getting a smart irrigation system in case you don’t have one already. You can also spread the message to your friends and urge them to invest in smart irrigation as well.

2. Participate in programs that teach about the importance of smart irrigation

Many classes and programs are available at this time of year, both locally in Southwest Florida and online. They teach about smart irrigation methods such as the use of rain barrels. Check out local resources such as the University of Florida and the Rotary Park of Cape Coral for more information.

3. Watch documentaries

Are you still in doubt about the importance of smart irrigation? Check out online documentaries depicting the earth’s future if water runs out.

Importance of Smart Irrigation

1. Helps reduce water wastage

When people are educated about smart irrigation and start implementing the method, water wastage can be reduced considerably.

2. Create awareness of various smart irrigation methods

There are different methods of smart irrigation. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about them and how they benefit the community. That’s why awareness month is important to educate people about the benefits of smart irrigation.

3. Environmental protection

Water conservation is essential when it comes to the protection of our environment. Smart irrigation month is vital because it raises awareness concerning ways of curbing water wastage.

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