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Can Easter Lilies Be Transplanted From Container To Ground?

You probably have several Easter Lilies in pots around your house or along  your front sidewalk that you used as a Spring decoration.  You’ve enjoyed them for the Easter season but now you are ready to get your house back in order.  You are torn between tossing the Easter Lily in the garbage because its […]

Easter Lilies Are Poisonous To Cats

Easter is coming soon and many of us may purchase or receive as a gift an Easter Lily.  They are beautiful but they are also dangerous.  This plant is poisonous to your cat. Kitties are naturally curious animals and romp around the house chasing their tails, climbing in bags and nibbling on plants.  Even if […]

The History of Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies are called “The White Robed Apostle of Christ”.  It is said that one of the lilies grew in each spot of sweat Christ shed in The Garden of Gesthsemane the night Jesus was in such agony. Their pure white flower symbolizes eternal life and peace just as the Spring season does.  They have […]

Add Potted Easter Lilies For An Easy Spring Landscape Addition

Easter is March 31st this year of 2013.  One of the most notable symbols of Spring and of Easter is the potted Easter Lily.  Just like potted Poinsettias are an easy landscape solution to add a splash of Christmas to your outdoor landscaping; so are potted Easter Lilies for Easter. Although our family operates a […]