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drainage away from house

Drainage Solutions Carry Water Away From Your House and Landscaping

drainage away from houseFew engineers and contractors put much thought into how water will flow AWAY from your house.  They do think about how to get the water OFF the roof by adding gutters.  That’s great for helping the water off the roof but it usually just dumps the downpour into direct areas of the yard or into the landscape bed where the gutter ends.

Properties Without Drainage Solutions

We’ve all seen the con-caved pit at the end of our gutters.  That’s because during a heavy down pour the water has so much pressure behind it trying to get rid of the precipitation that is juts out its own little pond.

When To Install Drainage Solutions

R & R Sprinkler and Landscape provides is drainage solutions to carry rain water away from your property and your landscaping.  When in discussion with a new construction property we always try to have this element added from the beginning.  During landscape installations and renovations we encourage homeowners to spend the little bit of extra money to add drainage solutions to ensure future preservation of the area affected by rain water exit.

How Are Drainage Solutions Achieved?

We add a flexible polyethylene pipe to the end of the guttering, trench it underground and have it exit at a suitable location to allow for even and un-damaging distribution in a swail, at a drainage grate, toward a culvert or into a nearby water source like a retention pond or canal.

Results Of Not Having Drainage

Failure to incorporate drainage solutions into your property will lead to the following problems:

1.  Destruction of delicate plant materials like annuals and perennials

2.  Over saturation of other plant materials making them susceptible to fungus

3.  Carries mulch away or displaces rock

4.  Erodes soil that gets bombarded by gutter down pour

Add Drainage Solutions To Your Property

Having R & R Sprinkler and Landscape add drainage solutions to your property is a small investment that will yield great benefits in the long run.  We are happy to visit your site and give you a free estimate at your convenience.  Don’t wait too long though, rainy season isn’t very far away.

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