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Properly Maintained Irrigation System = Water Conservation

water in handsA properly maintained irrigation system is a great step toward water conservation.  A poorly maintained irrigation system is wasteful.

Steps Toward A Properly Maintained Sprinkler System

1.  Check for clogged sprinkler heads or nozzles.  Remove debris and re-test.

2.  Replace missing or broken sprinkler heads.

3.  Repair leaking sprinkler lines.

4.  Adjust sprinkler heads so they are watering the lawn and landscaping and not the streets, sidewalks or your driveway.  Tilted heads should be straightened as they will over water one way and under water the other way.

5.  Clean out grass around sprinkler heads so that when heads pop up they are above ground level.  If grass has matured you may need to have your sprinkler heads raised.

6.  Make sure your sprinkler timer is set to current local and city watering restrictions.

7.  Calibrate your sprinkler system.

These are all steps toward a properly maintained sprinkler system and are great ways to conserve water.  Choose the worry free way to maintain your sprinkler system by hiring R & R Sprinkler and Landscape to perform an irrigation maintenance contract.  We have monthly, quarterly and bi-annual maintenance contracts.

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