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All About Impatiens

What Are Impatiens?

Impatiens are a flowering plant that grow well in tropical climates.  They are considered an annual.  They will bloom 6-7 months out of the year if properly maintained.  The best time to plant impatiens is October – December.

Impatiens Come In A Variety of Colors

Scientist think there are 850-1000 different species of impatiens.  They come in bright pinks, light pinks, reds, cranberry, orange, salmon, coral, white, lilac, lavender and blue pearl.  Some common species for impatiens are dozens of balsams, rhododendrons and jewel weed to name a few.

Impatiens Come In Different Sizes

There are three main classification of impatiens as far as size.  The dwarf impatiens are 8-10″ high.  The semi-dwarf impatiens are 10-12″ high.  The tall forms are 12-14″ high.  A knowledgeable landscaper can creatively arrange the various sizes of impatiens to create a layered look.

Impatiens Are Inexpensive To Add and Easy To Maintain

Impatiens are an inexpensive landscape addition.  They provide an instant pop of color which is great for the homeowner that wants instant gratification.  If they don’t survive you haven’t poured a lot of money into them.  They like only moderate watering and you can use a 90 day food pellet so it gets just the right amount of fertilizer.  They prefer drip irrigation or hand watering.  A typical sprinkler head will over or under water them.  The area you plant them in can be shady or sunny but it must drain well.

Call R & R Sprinkler and Landscape For More Information On Impatiens

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