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The Effects Of Over-Watering Your Grass / Lawn

There are some tell tales signs that you are over watering your grass. You are over watering if you notice yellowing or graying of your grass or if you notice an increase in the amount of weeds. Over watering can drown the roots of the lawn and landscaping or can cause them to become shallow […]

The Best Time To Water Your Yard Is …..

The best times of day to run your irrigation system are either late night or early morning. Your lawn and landscaping will absorb more water if you set your timer so that your sprinkler system runs while the sun is NOT out. A majority of the precipitation will evaporate before it reaches it’s intended source […]

My Sprinkler System Continues To Water

The most common cause for a continuously running sprinkler is that there are too many start times programmed into the irrigation timer. There should only be 1 start time per active program. There are programs A, B and C available. The factory default is for Program A. You do not need a start time for […]

How Often Should I Water My New Sod / Grass / Lawn?

Installing new sod is a pretty substantial financial investment in your property. To ensure it roots correctly and lasts a long time we recommend you water it twice a day for the first 3 weeks. The length of time you will water will vary by the type of irrigation system and/or irrigation heads you are […]

5 Characteristics For Evaluating Water Efficiency of a Florida Sprinkler System

1) Matched-Precipitation Rate Sprinkler Heads All sprinkler system heads on a given circuit should be the same type (e.g. rotors, pop-up spray, etc.) and have matched precipitation rate (in inches per hour). Heads with differing precipitation rates have widely varying operating times, which can lead to the over-watering of one area in order to sufficiently […]