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Wildflowers in Florida

Wildflowers: The Smart Landscaping Choice in Florida

Although soil and climate conditions make most of Florida ideal for planting exotic flowers, property owners should strongly consider planting native wildflowers instead. The Sunshine State is home to some of the most attractive wildflowers in North America, and they are easy to grow and maintain.

Many native Florida wildflower species bloom during the spring, summer and fall. If you would like to keep a garden that is always in bloom, you should choose a mix of North and Central Florida wildflowers. For example, a garden planted with beach sunflowers, wild petunias, tropical sage, and blue curls will yield flowers from the spring until the fall; if you include the Key West morning glory vine, you will add a touch of blue that will bloom even during the winter.

In choosing wildflowers for your garden, ask us and we’ll be happy to assist and advise you. Our professional team will prepare for planting wildflowers and assess your property by looking at how much sunlight your property gets and other conditions. If you choose native Florida species, your landscaper will work with local seeds and native soil for a healthy garden that will attract bees and promote the ecosystem.

If the soil in your garden is too polluted with sand or construction materials, we might replace it with native Florida soil that is not fertilized. It is important to remember that native wildflowers will grow abundantly with little fertilizer as long as they are planted in their native soil. Many times, the ideal soil may be grown with grass or weeds; we will mow and rake closely before spreading the seeds by hand. Pesticide use should also be kept to a minimum.

By choosing the right proportion of native trees, wildflowers and lawn, you can drastically  reduce your watering needs. In fact, your garden can become a sustainable piece of Florida by choosing a nice mix of native species. You may see bees, butterflies, birds, and lizards arrive in your garden, and this is a good sign that your landscaping is ecologically responsible

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