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Don't Let Your Lawn Run Out of Water

Don’t Let Your Lawn Run Out of Water

It might seem silly right now, with the amount of rain we’ve received lately, but before you know it the end of summer will be here and days will become drier. Don’t wait until then to start thinking about irrigation, if you get your plans ready now and schedule the installation, you’ll be ready before you need it.

Don’t Let Your Lawn Run Out of Water

A well designed, installed and maintained irrigation and sprinkler system is vital to property owners who desire a beautiful turf year round. Application of just the right amount of water in regular intervals, and only when necessary, will conserve this precious natural resource while cultivating healthy and luscious plant life.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

An automatic sprinkler system that is installed underground eliminates unsightly hoses and the work required to move them around. You are also less likely of under-watering and over-watering the lawn, allowing the turf to retain the moisture where and when it is necessary in proper amounts. The system incorporates the timer programmed to the desired schedule guaranteeing that the landscape will be irrigated continuously while the property owner is away from the home or business. An efficient irrigation and sprinkler system contributes to the value of the home, prolongs the life of the turf and significantly improves the curb appeal.

Where to Begin

Upon request, a home visit is scheduled with a skilled technician to offer consultation services and discuss the goals of the owner. He will evaluate all presented concerns, and the following factors will be taken into consideration to ensure a proper design and installation of the sprinkler system:

  • Water source and location
  • Water quality and quantity
  • Water pressure
  • Microclimates
  • Local weather conditions
  • Plant root depth
  • Landscape materials (gravel, rocks, etc.)
  • Property measurements
  • Soil type and texture
  • Elevations
  • Flow rates

Detailed report is then created and the correct system is chosen based on provided information and the owner’s budget. The ultimate goal is to select the proper method of irrigation to minimize the manual labor of the owner and maximize the results. Many of the sprinkler and irrigation systems come with a variety of components that can be included during the installation along with additional options for expansion and upgrades in the future. These include:

  • Smart systems
  • Check vales
  • Soil sensors
  • Precipitation sensors
  • Drip irrigation systems

Installation Process

Proper installation of any of the irrigation system is critical to system’s performance and durability. Every home owner expects many years of reliable operation with a minimal need for repairs and maintenance. For that reason, all irrigation components are integrated within the existing landscape with a minimal disturbance to the turf and plant life but in strategically chosen areas out of the high traffic. A final walk-through completes the process by educating the home owner on daily operations of the system. A demonstration is performed to allow the owner become familiar with all elements of the design.

Healthy and well cultivated landscape adds to the beauty of the neighborhood. Additionally, it naturally filters pollutants and toxins from the air that enter the underground water. By maintaining environmentally friendly turf, the entire area produces oxygen, contributes to the control of allergies and traps dust and dirt from the air that may otherwise find its way into a home. Properly watered grass also reduces the surface temperature during the hottest months of the year and cools its surrounding by an average of 15-20 degrees.

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