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Water According To The Sunlight Recieved

Water Your Property According To The Sunlight It Receives

There are different areas of your property that receive more sunlight than others.  Identifying these areas of the property will help you determine how long you should let your sprinkler run for that zone.

Categories For Sunlight Received

1.  Lots of Sun = receives 6- 8 hours of direct sunlight.  This area will require the most amount of water because it will dry out the fastest.  Choose hearty trees and shrubs for this area of the property.  They will take the biggest beating out of any other zone of your property and will require the most amount of water.

2.  Some Shade = receives 4-6 hours of direct sunlight.  This area will require a moderate amount of watering.  It doesn’t need as much moisture as the first category but still requires a substantial amount, especially in summer months.

3.  Lots of Shade = received 2-4 hours of direct sunlight.  This area doesn’t require a large amount of moisture.  Less than category 2.  This area only requires a moderate amount of water.  Too much water will enable fungus to grow with the amount of shade it receives.

4.  Mostly Shade = less than 2 hours of direct sunlight.  This area will not require much water and you will need be selective about the type of shrubs and trees you plant here.  They need to love shade and need to be resistant to the growth of fungus.  This will be the area of your property that will have the greatest chance of developing a fungus because it doesn’t get much direct sunlight and stays continually moist.

What Type of Plants Do I Install In Each Zone?

If you don’t know what type of plants and shrubs to install in the various zones of your yard based on the amount of sunlight they receive we recommend you contact us to for an onsite consultation.  We can help you determine the right amount of water and the correct type of landscaping.

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