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Vertical Gardening, Part 2 of 3

A sturdy frame supports your misting system, and you can add strings for your cucumbers to use as a trellis to wrap their tendrils around as well. An average cucumber can easily weigh almost a pound, and the frame needs to support many of them. The recommended frame is made of posts that are four inches square and eight feet long, and it may seem excessive when you consider building it. However, lesser structures cannot successfully hold the crop that your fresh cucumbers are likely to produce.

Assembling Materials for the Frame

Tools and materials for the frame include these:

• two 4” x 4” x 8’ posts
• one 2” x 4” x 8’ board
• post hole digger
• level
• step ladder
• hammer
• shovel
• four common nails at least three inches long
• eight wood screws
• four ¾” pipe straps
• heavy twine

Laying Out the Frame

Select a spot in the middle of your garden plot. The width of the frame is determined by the length of the 2 x 4, and you can use it as a measure when you dig the holes for the posts. Alternatively, use the location of the risers on the pvc system to mark where you need to dig the post holes.

Step One: Dig a two foot deep hole with the post hole digger where you have marked the locations.

Step Two: Place a post in each hole, and use your level to make sure that they are straight. Temporarily place the 2 x 4 on top of the two posts and adjust height as indicated by your level.

Step Three: When the level is correct, fill the holes with your shovel, using the end of the handle to firmly pack the dirt.

Step Four: Use your step ladder to stand at a height where you can comfortably nail the 2 x 4 onto the top of the posts.

Step Five: Dig a trench that is four inches deep on either side of the posts so that you can bury the long pipe of the misting system.

Attaching the Misting System

With the pvc unit lined up so that the risers are in line with the posts, you are ready to assemble the system.

Step One: Lift the pvc assembly so that the long pipe rests in the trench and the risers fit against the posts.

Step Two: Attach a pipe strap to each pvc riser one foot from the bottom of each post.

Step Three: Attach a pipe strap to each pvc riser just below the 2 x 4 crosspiece.

Step Four: Make a web of the twine by wrapping it under the long pipe and over the top of the 2 x 4 at six inch intervals.

Step Five: Cover the trench and admire your handiwork.

Testing the System

Attach your garden hose to the swivel hose connector and turn on the water.

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