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5 Shade Tolerant Grasses In Florida

5 shade tolerant grasses in florida

Looking for shade-tolerant grass in Florida? Consider St. Augustine Grass for lush, rapid growth. Zoysia Grass is low-maintenance and resilient in shade. Bahia Grass adapts quickly to various soil types. Centipede Grass thrives with low maintenance in partial shade. Seashore Paspalum is perfect for coastal regions with its salt-tolerant properties. Find the best match for […]

Plants That Thrive In The Florida Landscape

When choosing plants for your landscape project, one factor that you need to consider is the ability of the plant to thrive. Southwest Florida experiences both excessively wet spells as well as very dry spells. Let’s consider the dryer conditions. Since many plants that thrive in heavy rain, don’t cope so well with a lack […]