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Firebush Or Hummingbird Bush (Hamelia Patens) flower

Plants That Thrive In The Florida Landscape

When choosing plants for your landscape project, one factor that you need to consider is the ability of the plant to thrive. Southwest Florida experiences both excessively wet spells as well as very dry spells. Let’s consider the dryer conditions. Since many plants that thrive in heavy rain, don’t cope so well with a lack of it, you need to pick ones uniquely adapted to both.

Drought can cause the plants to stop growing. If plants have no water to absorb, its normal growth process will be hampered. You need to make sure that you are taking serious measures to address this problem and one of which is by choosing plants that are resistant to drought stress.

Plants and drought stress

Plants will not grow if they are not getting enough water. When plants continue to experience water loss, the negative effects of a drought will be evident on leaves. As they continue to become deprived of proper nutrition and water, the leaves will turn brown or pale. This is also the process when the foliage starts to wither away. The plant will eventually die, especially if they are grown in an area where there is no irrigation. Florida experiences rainfall from May to October. When the weather is dry, your plants will suffer. If the water becomes scarce, one solution that can be applied is to choose drought-tolerant plants to reduce the possibility of plant injury.

Drought tolerant plants

This type of plant can tolerate the absence of water over a long period of time. However, you need to keep in mind that new drought-tolerant plants will still need regular watering for up to one year depending on the plant variety. If you want to make sure that your landscape will continue to bloom, despite the dry weather, be sure to choose any of these plants:

1. Firebush

Firebush, also known as Hamelia patens, is a grow shrub consisting of yellow and orange flowers which resemble a tube. These flowers attract hummingbird and butterflies. A firebush can be combined with other plants that attract butterflies. You can also plant them in garden beds or containers.

2. Buttonwood

This Florida native plant is ideal for landscape projects because aside from being tolerant to drought, you can also create an accent, small tree or hedge out of them. It has become a popular choice for landscape artists because of its contrast, foliage, and color.

3. Bluestem Palmetto

If you are looking for an accent plant to complete your Florida landscape, Bluestem Palmetto is one of the great options to consider because of its blue or green foliage. It creates a tropical effect and can grow in partially sunny areas or shade. Unlike other plants that only grow in a specific type of soil, the Bluestem Palmetto is different because it tolerates any soil condition. Whether you have moist or dry soil, the Bluestem Palmetto will still continue to grow healthy.

4. Seagrapes

Seagrapes can either be a tall tree that can measure up to 35 feet high or a low shrub. Seagrapes are characterized by stiff, roundish and leathery leaves, which can measure up to 8 inches wide. It has fragrant flowers that grow in early summer or late spring. Once these plants start to mature, the leaves will turn from wine red to dark green.

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