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Signs That Your System is in Need of Sprinkler and Irrigation Repair

Sprinklers can help keep your lawn from becoming a barren wasteland during the dryer parts of the year. In order to keep these devices running properly, you’ll have to keep an eye out for warnings or signs that repairs are needed. It’s important to be able to decipher these messages and find a new sprinkler system before your current one dies.

What to look for when a sprinkler is dying.

Spotty or partial coverage is the first factor to look for when a sprinkler is dying. If there are spots on your lawn that are dryer than others, there is a good chance that the sprinkler system isn’t  covering everything evenly. You should be able to tell whether the sprinkler is the cause of this uneven dryness by watching the spray for a few minutes. At times, other causes may be the culprit.
Intermittent sprays or complete shutoffs may be another sign that your sprinkler is on its final leg. Before a sprinkler gives up entirely, the system will usually turn off intermittently or struggle to spray continuously. As the parts wear out, these signs will become more regular.
The final sign that a sprinkler needs to be replaced will come in the form of any malfunction. When a sprinkler ceases to work correctly, it is time to purchase a new system. If you have tried to fix the system or have purchased repairs without any avail, the sprinkler may be past salvaging. Whenever a sprinkler ceases to perform its basic functions, it is time to invest in another system.

Irrigation Repair

Irrigation damage and failures can result from a host of different factors. Some of these possible factors include the age of the irrigation or landscape system, the quality of prior repairs, vandalism, animal activity, the state of irrigation water, root activity, and much more. Nothing influences the life of your system to a greater extent than the quality of components that were used during the irrigation repair. Here are some major mistakes that should be avoided when upgrading or making an irrigation repair.
Irrigation repairs need to start with an understanding of the system’s overall design and accurate identification of the major problem areas. Once these areas have been identified, you can begin making the necessary repairs. It’s important to have an overview of the entire irrigation system when making these repairs to ensure that no unintended consequences derive from the maintenance. If the irrigation system is beyond repairs, a new installation may be required.


In order to keep a sprinkler and irrigation system in good condition, it is important to keep a schedule of regular maintenance. A robust and consistent maintenance plan has the ability to extend the life of an entire sprinkler system. Irrigation repairs can also be much more affordable when performed regularly throughout the year. When homeowners forgo any maintenance on their sprinklers, these systems may require serious irrigation repairs. These extra costs can be avoided with routine maintenance.
Instead of paying for an entire system replacement, you should schedule routine maintenance throughout the year. Paying for irrigation repairs throughout the year will help to extend the life and value of your sprinkler system. It’s easy to forget about the regular maintenance of these systems. However, even the smallest problems can end up having massive consequences when they aren’t maintained on a regular basis.

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