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Attracting Birds to Your Florida Garden

Attracting Birds to Your Florida Garden

Southwest Florida is blessed with an abundance of bird species thanks to the nature conservation policies of the Sunshine State. If you have an interest in bird-watching, you can turn your garden into a welcoming feeding spot for both native and migratory birds; this is a great way to get children interested in natural sciences […]

Vertical Gardening, Part 3 of 3


Planting a crop is almost as much fun as harvesting it, and you deserve it as a reward for the preparation work that you have completed. By using vertical supports for your vines and other vegetables, you are ready to enjoy a convenient way to produce healthful crops for your dining table. Crops that are […]

Vertical Gardening, Part 2 of 3


A sturdy frame supports your misting system, and you can add strings for your cucumbers to use as a trellis to wrap their tendrils around as well. An average cucumber can easily weigh almost a pound, and the frame needs to support many of them. The recommended frame is made of posts that are four […]