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Spring Gardening

Spring Gardening in Southwest Florida

April and May is a great time for landscaping and gardening in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and all other spots in Southwest Florida. Daytime temperatures tend to be warmer but are not yet scorching, and the cooler nights mean that the mosquitoes are still waiting for their turn to invade later in the year. In other words, good for spring gardening.


Concerning watering, rains may still a few weeks away; to this effect, you should keep an eye on your lawn to set the frequency of your sprinklers. If you choose to activate your sprinklers right before dawn, you will give the sun enough time to dry off any excess water before the usual afternoon rains. Luckily, allotted watering schedules in Southwest Florida typically fall between midnight and 8 a.m.

Some trees in your property will bloom around this time. Jacaranda trees tend to be the most colorful; if you notice that your jacaranda or royal poinciana trees are losing foliage and failing to bloom, you may have a diseased tree on your property, and you should contact R&R Sprinkler and Landscape to determine the right course of action.

Landscaping, Pest Control and Planting

If you choose to apply some major landscaping changes to your garden or patio, April is a perfect month because neither your lawn nor plants will be exposed to extreme heat conditions. April is also a good month for keeping an eye on grasshoppers. This insect species tends to breed in February and has likely reached the adult stage by April. If you observe a handful of grasshoppers in your yard or garden, give us a call so that we can set up a bait and trap system. One or two grasshoppers are not a big deal; more than six could become problematic.

Spring is a perfect for planting new species. If you would like to experience the cultivation process from the seed stage, you could start with morning glory, salvia, and marigold, which should start looking good by the time summer arrives. A few good edibles that are optimal for seeding in April include spinach, collard greens, peppers, green onions, and artichoke.

Mulching is another garden activity that can be undertaken in April. Placing mulch now will give the soil supporting your plants an opportunity to retain moisture and to prevent weeds from growing too abundantly.

Starting a Herb Garden

If you or someone in your household enjoys gourmet cooking, a good spring gardening project would be to start planting herbs that can be used as spices.

You have two choices for planting herbs in Southwest Florida: seeding or transplanting. Since you would be getting started in April, seeding is a good option. A good herb mix for your garden would consist of the following species:

* Rosemary
* Basil
* Marjoram
* Tarragon
* Parsley
* Oregano
* Cilantro
* Dill
* Fennel

Even if the cooking in your household is not elaborate, you could always try your hand at making fresh salads and giving them a flavor injection with the herbs above.

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