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Paving a Way to Original Landscape Design

Paving a Way to Original Landscape DesignContrasting with lush greenery in your landscape, paving stones provide attractive accents as well as safe places to walk. You have an almost limitless choice of sizes and shapes in designs, colors, patterns and textures that can make your landscape look like a picture in a magazine. The advantages of using paving stones instead of concrete, asphalt or brick are many, and you can use them to create artistic features that improve the appearance of your yard.

Accepting a New Concept

Large areas of grassy lawn are no longer considered a fashionable option for an effective landscape plan. Stone pavers provide aesthetic contrasts that create interesting shapes for pathways, around pools, in patios and as focal areas in your front or back yard. The variety of pavers that is available to home or business owners today invites creativity that relieves boredom. Using them to direct attention to features in your yard lets you invigorate your landscape with creativity and beauty.

Considering the Advantages

Professionally installed stone pavers introduce a permanent quality that requires little or no upkeep for many years to come. As a highly durable product, they have none of the objectionable qualities of other paving materials. They do not shrink or expand, preventing unsightly problems that occur with concrete. Avoiding repairs that are usually required to fix chips and cracks is a distinct advantage of pavers. Water can seep through them, making it unlikely that mold or algae can form on their surfaces. Installers work with the existing terrain to create slope and drain characteristics that prevent standing water. Stains that can wreck other paving materials and require a complete replacement are no problem when you can replace one or more stones when any are damaged.

As an environmentally sound practice, preventing the runoff of water from your property lets you contribute to the health of the planet. Fertilizers that make your lawn look green and healthy are negative influences when they enter a canal. Concrete driveways and walkways shed water rapidly, directing it into the street and storm sewers that convey it to a destination that is many miles away. Water that seeps slowly into the ground in your yard returns to the aquifer, letting you make a worthwhile contribution that benefits everyone who lives in southwest Florida.

Focusing on Beauty

The durability and practicality of stone pavers are qualities that make them attractive and appealing for your landscape, but the aesthetic beauty that they bring to your property is important as well. Enhancing the attractiveness of your walkways, driveways, pool area, patio, front yard or accented features in your back yard, stone pavers have decorative properties that are worthy of consideration. Professional installation ensures a stable base that supports foot traffic, and it manages the flow of water with techniques that work effectively below ground. Paving can transform the appearance of your landscape.

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