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Outdoor Holiday Decorations in Florida

Outdoor Holiday Decorations in FloridaWith the holidays right around the corner, many home owners in Florida turn their attention to their gardens and front yards. Dressing up the exterior aspect of a home for the holidays is a great idea, but it is important to keep certain things in mind. First of all, there are a few precautions for this time of the year.

Sprinkler Systems and Holiday Decorations

Residents of Cape Coral and other communities in Southwest Florida can expect cooler and drier climate conditions after Thanksgiving. The winds may also pick up as the calendar gets closer to the end of the year, which means that there may be a greater chance of accidental fires. To this effect, it is important to ensure that any holiday lights and decorations intended to be placed in a garden or front yard are rated for outside use. These decorations tend to be more resistant and durable in terms of insulation; this is something that can prevent an accidental electrocution of wildlife that may choose to gnaw on the wiring.

Outdoor Holiday Decorations in FloridaAnother important consideration must be given to sprinkler and irrigation systems already in place. When technicians install these systems, they are mindful of any outdoor electrical outlets, which in Southwest Florida are being installed with greater frequency for the purpose of using them during the holidays. Homeowners must be mindful of the locations of their sprinkler and irrigation equipment and the water spray patterns. In general, homeowners should not install any decorations that may be hit with sprinkler water; should this be the case, it is a good idea to contact a technician to adjust the existing system in a way that does not interfere with outdoor holiday decorations. The idea is to prevent fires caused by the process of leakage current, which happens when water comes into contact with poorly insulated carriers of electricity such as outlets and wiring.

Bird and Wildlife Friendly Holiday Trees

Making a sustainable holiday tree in the Florida outdoors is a great idea that children are likely to enjoy. The key is to pick a palmetto or a shrub that has enough foliage to support holiday treats for birds and small mammals with arboreal habits. In Florida this could include squirrels and raccoons, but you don’t want to attract a Florida panther or other felines that may be attracted by birds. The key is to choose a shrub or tree that is at least 10 feet away from the house, and edible decorations should be placed at least two feet from the ground.

To make an outdoor holiday tree really friendly, it must be devoid of lights and rich in edible treats. Making these treats requires a trip to Publix or to your local farmers market. Bunches of fresh cranberries are very attractive, and they can be made and strung together using florist wire. Other treats that birds are bound to enjoy include pine cones that have been spread with peanut butter that can hold bird seeds. Another idea is to dry out apples and orange halves in the oven at low temperatures and then covered with a coat of peanut butter or a mixture of cornstarch and water along with bird seeds.

Happy Holidays!

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