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It's Rather Easy to Redesign Your Landscaping with These 5 Tips

It’s Rather Easy to Redesign Your Landscaping with These 5 Tips

Should you be on the fence as to whether or not a landscape redesign is doable, consider this advice. You can learn how it’s rather easy to change the look of your yard with these five tips.

You can boost your curb appeal, and you also can enjoy your home much more. Plus, some landscaping solutions control energy costs and help keep you safe.

1. Remove Unnecessary Growth

Pay special attention to growth that should be removed on your property. Any new changes you make with your redesign might otherwise not stand the test of time. Healthy growth of new plants, for example, is more difficult to pull off with other plants and weeds interfering.

Some unnecessary growth also jeopardizes your safety. Dead branches and palm fronds can fall on you or your loved ones. Overgrown spots also can be “hide and wait” areas for would-be criminals on your property. Plus, certain critters breed in these spaces at your residence. Pests and rodents, along with the out of control growth, can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation and structure

2. Mix in Both Annual and Perennial Plants

As you think about bushes, shrubs, and various other plants, don’t forget to think about annuals and perennials. They both can improve the look of your property. Annuals don’t bloom every year, but they can provide you with a splash of seasonal color.

Popular perennials you might want to consider are buttercups, lantana, and Mexican heather. Bushes with colorful leaves, such as crotons, could look great, too. Plus, because their showy parts are not flowers, they add a splash of color year-round.

3. Consider Using an Installed Watering System

Whether in the Cape Coral, FL area, or not, be sure you have the right growing conditions for any landscaping solutions. That includes knowing for certain your plants will get enough water. With that in mind, you might want to install a watering system. There are experienced pros who can help you.

R & R Sprinkler, for example, has more than 40 years of expertise that could benefit you. They have a proven track record of helping people just like you. Give this idea some more thought. It’s even more helpful for those of your fighting for any extra time you could possibly have during your day. And of course, your overall redesign investment will pay off more for you.

4. Keep Outdoor Living in Mind

Try to establish more outdoor living spaces. Not only will you enjoy the additional living space, but your property value also can increase. There are ready to use products you can purchase through local and online retailers.

You can build out more elaborate features, too. You can hire a pro for these more complex projects. From adding an outdoor kitchen to incorporating water features, your options are limitless.

5. Consider Lighting for Subtle Changes

Due to rapid technological developments, you always have new outdoor lighting solutions emerging. You can have various options to consider, too.

Try to use products that are energy-efficient. Many of those options could be deducted come tax time. Consider lighting to bring about ambient subtle changes, and to limit dangerous dark spots on your property conducive for accidents and criminal activity.

Landscape Redesign Can Be Easy for You

Use the presented tips to have the yard of your dreams. Turn to well-known strategies that can benefit your landscaping. The advice given shows you just how easy it can be. Your yard and entire property will immediately look better. Without even spending much money, you also can have great results for many years to come.

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