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Drainage Systems

End Drainage Problems

Landscaping a yard is similar to decorating the interior of a home so that every area has appropriate accents. Large trees, small shrubs, decorative flower beds and native ground cover create a pleasing appearance in your yard. In Florida, heavy rains can create soggy conditions in your lawn, and professional landscapers have effective ways to manage them.

Recognizing Signs of Excessive Moisture

Most yards have some areas that are lower than others, and water finds its way to the lowest point. Dollar weed and alligator weed thrive on water, and they deplete the nutrients that grass needs to survive. The unsightly condition that results from uncontrolled weeds in your yard detracts from its appearance, but professional landscapers can improve it. Providing proper drainage eliminates excessive moisture, reduces weed growth and helps control the mosquito population.

Creating Proper Drainage

Directing water away from the perimeter of your home helps prevent damage to the foundation. Many homes today do not have gutters, and their absence allows runoff from the roof to land where it can cause serious damage. About 700 gallons or water can result from a one inch rainfall, and Florida gets much more than that. Downspouts on homes that have gutters usually direct rain onto a concrete driveway and compacted soils that cannot absorb it.

Drainage SystemsOne of the most effective ways to direct the flow of water to an appropriate location is a French drain. The system consists of a perforated pipe that is submerged in a trench filled with gravel. Experts can design a slope that allows water to use gravity to flow to your flower beds or into a dry well. One of the advantages of a French drain is that it is invisible when completely installed, hidden under sod or decorative plants. No unsightly pipes mar your landscape as your system effectively eliminates standing water from your yard.

Taking Prompt Action

As the summer rains approach, now is the time to get a drainage system for your yard. In the winter, the need is not as great as it is when the rains begin. You remember the influx of mosquitoes from last year and the mass of weeds that took over your yard, but you can take an aggressive approach this year. Let a professional landscaper install a French drain so that you can have a beautiful and healthy lawn this year.

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