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greener spots on lawn

When You Have Small Spots of Greener Grass

greener spots on lawnIf you have small spots that are greener in your yard what do you think is causing it?  Do you have dogs?

What Causes Small Greener Spots in My Yard?

The small green spots in your yard may be caused from dog urination.  Dogs are creatures of habit and tend to urinate in the same spots.  The nitrates from the dog urination will cause the grass to turn greener IF the sprinkler system runs in a closely approximated time after the urination occurs.  The combination of the nitrates followed by the watering time makes it fertilize more than the other areas.

What Causes Small Yellowed Spots?

On the opposite end of the spectrum dog urine can also cause spots of yellow if the urination is frequent and is not followed up with a dilution of water either by hose, rain or a sprinkler system.

Can You Avoid Green or Yellow Spots?

You can avoid green or yellow spots caused by pet urine if you don’t let your pet use your yard as their bathroom.  You could walk them so they are using areas outside your property to urinate.  You can also encourage them to use many parts of the yard so that one areas isn’t always the target.  The bottom line is that if you have pets, your yard will show some evidence of it.  However, they are members of our family and a few spots here and there is well worth the love they give.

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