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Installing water outdoor fountain brings beauty to your living space. Get to know the things to take into consideration for outdoor fountain installation.

Things to Know Before Installing an Outdoor Fountain

Beautifying your property with water features inspires questions ranging from “How much do water fountains cost?” to curiosity about how to incorporate the fountain into your landscape. Homeowners wishing to create a private oasis enjoy using water outdoor fountains to add gentle sounds and movement that relax and inspire. Learn what all homeowners should know before installing an outdoor fountain.

Choose Your Fountain’s Style

Water features vary from outdoor wall fountains to standalone statues shooting water out in arcs and attractive sprays. They come in materials of all kinds, including stone like cement or marble and metal like bronze or copper. Choosing your fountain’s style depends on where you place it and how large a budget you wish to use for the project.

Consider Water and Electrical Sources

Homeowners can choose an outdoor water fountain that uses their house’s water supply or requires regular filling with a water hose. For the latter, you’ll need to continuously check to ensure the fountain stays full, or else you risk ruining the fountain’s mechanics. You should also consider how you’ll light your fountain, whether you’ll use your home’s electricity to light them or utilize solar lights in your garden.

Use Your Fountain in Your Overall Garden Design

Water outdoor fountains make a wonderful focal point for designing an enviable garden. Consider how you’ll decorate the space around your fountain, whether you want natural elements or wish to build an outdoor living space with the fountain as a background piece. You can choose to add statues, sculpted lighting, or other outdoor features that complement your fountain and make it stand out all the better.

Consider Upkeep and Maintenance

As an outdoor water feature, garden fountains can collect dirt, leaves, and other natural debris over time. Clearing out this litter helps your fountain continue to function as expected. During the winter, you may need to turn your fountain off for the season or regularly check for ice or snow build-up.

Consider the Cost of Your Fountain

Many homeowners wishing to add a fountain to their outdoor spaces wonder, “How much do water fountains cost?” The answer depends on the type of fountain you choose, how you supply water to your fountain, and how you incorporate your new water feature into your current garden design. For example, larger, more complex fountains made with precious materials that rely on your water supply will cost more than a simple stone fountain requiring regular hose fill-ups.

Build Your Ideal Outdoor Living Space with a Fountain From R & R Sprinkler and Landscape

Installing a water outdoor fountain in your garden requires special considerations about where you’ll place it, what type of fountain you want, and how you’ll power it and ensure it receives water. While you’ll have a new piece that requires regular maintenance, the benefits of adding a fountain to your outdoor spaces far outweigh the new responsibilities. Call our team at R & R Sprinkler and Landscape in Cape Coral, FL, at (239) 772-2607 to create an ideal outdoor space around your new fountain.

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