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The Right Sprinkler System Is an Integral Part of Your Landscaping

The Right Sprinkler System Is an Integral Part of Your Landscaping

Irrigation sprinklers do more than simply provide water to your landscaping. They also serve as a cooling system and control airborne dust in your area. In Southwest Florida, with our heavy rains in summer and very dry winters, it is especially useful to have sprinklers when you need them – and with good programming, they’ll be off when you don’t. There are a wide variety of sprinkler systems for you to choose from. For this reason, it’s useful to know about them to make the best, educated decision for your needs. Then, when you contact a local professional irrigation company for installation, you will be able to communicate effortlessly about your project.

Spray-Head Sprinkler Systems

Spray-Head Sprinkler Systems

These sprinkler systems are the most popular because they are budget friendly and great for the large lawns that are popular in the area. They also have a great way of allowing you to control the amount of irrigation a small area receives without taking away from the look of your yard. In fact, once installed these are almost invisible. There are actually two different types of spray head sprinkler systems:

Pop-up sprinklers are just what they sound like, in that they pop out of the ground when turned on and then disappear again when you turn them off.

Drip Sprinklers or Micro-Irrigation

Sprinkler System or irrigation for planted areas

Whereas spray-head sprinklers are fantastic for lawns, they might not be as efficient for other plants. A drip sprinkler (also known as micro-irrigation) is one that applies water directly to the soil, at the root of your plant. Therefore, this sprinkler won’t waste water. Wind won’t blow water away and it won’t evaporate uselessly off the tops of leaves. This is why they’re so commonly used in hydrating crops and large gardens. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use them for flower beds and small gardens too.

Gear-Driven Rotor Sprinklers

Rotor Sprinklers for large areas

Anyone who’s ever heard the “Click, click, click, click …” sound of a sprinkler has heard a gear-driven rotor head sprinkler. These are the type of sprinkler that most people tend to think of first. They are available in both pop-up and shrub-style with one or more rotating heads that spray out streams of water (up to a 50 foot distance) to hydrate your lawn or garden. Modern varieties are must more silent than ones you might remember from childhood and because of their reach, they are great for commercial applications and large lawns such as you might find on golf courses.

Soaker Hoses

You may or may not be familiar with the soaker hose, which is a perforated hose that slowly releases water along its entire length. These are typically only recommended for getting new plantings established. Customize them to fit your specific garden’s needs by attaching them onto a solid hose in order not to waste water on areas of your yard or garden that don’t need watered.

Deciding What’s Right for Your Landscaping

Now that you know the difference between these types of sprinklers, you’ll want to take a moment to look at the different brands and the quality they offer. Since you don’t want to repair the system often, you’ll want for a high-quality product. At the same time, it might also be worth investing in the latest technology, although keep in mind new technology is often most effective as part of your complete solution. If all of this information is outside your scope of interest, speak with a local professional about your landscaping goals and needs. We will be happy to receive your call.

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