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in progress retaining wall 2

Retaining Walls Reduce Dangerous Lawn Maintenance

in progress retaining wall 2Most people think of a retaining wall as a structural element.  However, have you ever thought of adding a retaining wall to cut down on lawn maintenance.  This is especially helpful with properties that have a steep slope.

Mowing grass on a part of your property that has a steep slope is challenging, especially with a push mower.  It’s takes extra effort and could even be dangerous for an inexperienced care taker, especially if there’s a canal nearby.

A great solution is to add a retaining wall to this area.  R & R Sprinkler and Landscape is capable of adding retaining walls that do not require permits.  We use The Anchor Wall System.  It doesn’t require mortar which means it doesn’t require a permit.

We excavate the steep lawn area, fill it with the necessary base rock and fill dirt and will begin constructing the retaining wall.  We can construct it as one layer or multi layers depending on how elaborate you’d like your property to appear.

Our next step is to install landscaping.  We will help you select trees, palms, shrubs, flowers, rock or mulch that will beautify and accent the property.

We provide 3D architectural renderings for your approval so you can see what your transformed property will look before the project even starts.

Contact us today to get your retaining wall and new landscaping project started today.

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