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Irrigation & Landscaping

Project Description

For the Tondreau residence we provided a new irrigation system and new landscaping.


We installed a new 5 zone irrigation system with 26 spray heads and 9 rotor heads. All of the sprinkler systems that R & R Sprinkler installs include an automatic control box and a rain sensor.


We beautified added value to this home by adding a variety of landscaping including a triple foxtail palm tree, a triple pygmy date palm tree, variegated ginger, croton, Red Ti, several orange bird of paradise, ixoras, viburnum firebush, green island ficus, silhouette bougainvillea, gold mound, flax lily, a cassia tree and (18) areca palms.

We topped off the project with 125 bags of mulch. Our customer was happy which makes us happy.

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