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Have a Sprinkler System Ready This Dry Season

Have a Sprinkler System Ready This Dry Season

Your lawn is the first thing guests notice when approaching your property. Unfortunately, millions of homeowners neglect their yards during the dry season, allowing grass to become patchy and discolored. Searching for “Lawn sprinkler installation near me” is the best way to prevent issues like these.

Our professional landscapers at R & R Sprinkler & Landscape in Cape Coral, FL, explain how to prepare your sprinkler system for the dry season.

Routine Sprinkler Head Inspections and Cleaning

Check your sprinkler heads for dirt or damage before running the system. Obstructions can disrupt spray consistency and cause patchiness across the lawn. You can use a non-abrasive rag to remove any debris from the nozzles.

It can be time-consuming to check multiple sprinkler heads if you own a large property. In this case, it’s best to hire a professional landscaper to do the job for you.

Checking Your Yard for Patchiness

Other sprinkler problems may cause patchiness, such as:

  • Contamination in your water supply
  • Low water pressure or leaky valves
  • Aging or faulty nozzles
  • Choosing the wrong control panel settings for your yard

Check each irrigation zone and make adjustments where needed. You can also search online for “sprinkler installation near me” to find reliable companies like ours at R & R Sprinkler & Landscape. Professional lawn technicians can recommend solutions if you are unsure how to fix your sprinkler system.

Upgrade Your Lawn With a Quality Sprinkler System

Is your current sprinkler system underperforming, despite your best maintenance efforts? It may be time to upgrade your property with a new irrigation system installation. Speak to a reputable landscaping company to find a system that suits your property.

Sprinkler System Installation Near Me in Cape Coral, FL

Installing a sprinkler system is challenging. You can damage your yard when digging trenches or replacing irrigation valves without the right knowledge. Search online for “Sprinkler system installation near me” to avoid costly mistakes.

At R & R Sprinkler & Landscape, we have years of experience completing reliable sprinkler installations for residential and commercial properties. Our highly recommended team can prepare your system for the upcoming dry season to help you avoid the hassle.

Are you searching for “Sprinkler installation near me”? At R & R Sprinkler & Landscape in Cape Coral, FL, we’re here to help. Call us at (239) 772-2607 to schedule a consultation.

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