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Project Description

This Fort Myers Homeowner hadn’t renovated the exterior of her property for over 20 years.  We went in and chemically killed her old sod and scrapped it out.  Without killing and scrapping out old sod you are never guaranteed to get rid of the bad chemicals and weed that the old sod had picked up during its two decades in place.  We replaced the sod with amazing Floratam sod.  This homeowner was fortunate enough to have her sod installed right before the afternoon rains started which means Mother Nature helped in the greening process.

Even if the afternoon rains hadn’t started to water her grass, she had no worries.  She installed a new multi-zone irrigation system that included an automatic sprinkler timer and a rain sensor.  If it didn’t rain her grass would still get watered everyday by her new sprinkler system.  If if did rain, the rain sensor would automatically shut of the sprinkler while the forces of nature did their job.

New sod needs to be watered everyday for the first 30 days for good establishment.  Keep your sod permit handy incase code enforcement happens to stop by asking why you are irrigating your yard so much.  Be sure after the initial 30 days that you cut your sprinkler times back to adhere to local county or city watering restrictions.  If you are unsure of how to set your timer please call the installer to have them show you the proper procedure.

We removed a majority of her old, unmaintained landscaping. Doing this enable us to start with a clean slate.  A majority of her larger trees were already in place and looked wonderful. We need to trim them up and fertilize them and they were set to fit in with the new exterior landscaping.

We added such colorful and playful shrubs like white silhouette bougainvilleas, sword ferns, white fountain grass, liriope, and Indian Hawthorn in addition to some scented society garlic at the front door.  Along the sides of her house we constructed trellises to accommodate new purple bougainvillea.  They will grow large and sprawling and will beautifully adorn her fence when they mature.

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