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Project Description

This temporary office building located in Fort Myers required a full service landscaping, irrigation and sod package per county and city requirements even though it was a non-permanent, modular building.

We provided a full irrigation system with a combination of rotor and mist heads, an automatic sprinkler timer, a rain sensor, and almost 600 linear feet of mainline and sleeving.  We installed cocoplum and dwarf fakahatchee grasses as landscaping hedges along the building and parking lot as required.  We provided and installed the necessary trees in species and height as well as yellow lantana, cocoplum and fakahatchee grass as shrubbery in landscape islands.  We topped off the project with hundreds of inches of mulch.

There was almost 33,000 square feet of combined Floratam sod, Bahia sod and hydroseeding for the property.  They had no problem getting their certificate of occupancy once we were finished with the outside irrigation and landscaping.