931 SE 11th Ave.

Cape Coral, FL 33990

Phone: (239) 772-2607

Fax: (239) 242-0988

Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Project Description

This commercial property in Cape Coral has been one of our long time customers for irrigation maintenance.  They decided it was time for a property face lift.  With such a great ongoing relationship, it was an easy choice who they should select to complete the project. We already knew the irrigation system was in good working order since we have maintained it for years.

We added, raised or relocated sprinkler heads to accommodate the new sod and landscaping. We chose landscape shrubs that would tolerate the shady area of the the front of the building and adapted the sprinkler system to accommodate.  We freshened up all the landscape beds by adding new mulch.

Finally, our client wanted the turf to look like that of a golf course so Zoysia Sod was the perfect solution.  Zoysia sod has a low pile which makes soft.  It looks like a piece of soft green carpet.  Zoysia sod also handles the shade well. Now this high traffic commercial property in Cape Coral has a new, fresh look.