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Caring for Your Cape Coral Garden in February

Caring for Your Cape Coral Garden in February

During February, your Cape Coral lawn and garden may experience cooler days and the effect of a mild winter. Granted, the ongoing changes in traditional weather patterns may bring about a wild rain or a very chilly day followed by a warm week, but nothing that your native plant species won’t be able to handle.

According to the Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS), the Sunshine State has three major climate zones for gardening purposes: North, South, and Central. Along with most of the region occupied by Lee and Charlotte counties, Cape Coral has somewhat of a microclimate due to its geographic positioning.

Cape Coral homeowners are encouraged to try gardening techniques recommended by IFAS for both Central and South Florida climate zones. Here are some recommendations you may wish to follow in February:

Lawn Care

You may want to think about fertilizing now ahead of the warmer months, but not necessarily the “weed and feed” strategy. If you want a beautiful green lawn and blooming plants in the short Florida spring, you should start by contacting R&R Sprinkler and Landscape and requesting a soil test so that the right fertilizer can be selected. In general, you want minimal amounts of phosphorous and a formula that releases nitrogen gradually.

If your garden gets a week of sunshine and temperatures above 65 degrees, you may want to apply a weed killer formulated for prevention instead of a strong herbicide. Those pesky weeds will germinate whenever the temperature rises so that they can easily and massively reproduce before the summer.

Vegetable Gardens

Homeowners who have room for squash can begin planting in February. You can also try tomatoes with seeds and transplanted seedlings side by side so that you can observe their growth. In the southern portion of Lee County, seeds may result in stronger vines. In the northern part of Charlotte County, you may want to plant bell pepper and cucumber seeds. You should plant a few and might different spots to see how Mother Nature rewards your efforts.

Palm Trees

If the holidays brought about cold spells, your garden palms may have resented it. Frosty nights can be harmful to tropical palms such as windmills and palmettos. For the most part, you want to leave the wilted sections alone and let Mother Nature heal your palms; if they do not recover in a couple of months, there may be an issue with the soil and fertilizer combination not producing the needed nutrients. In this case, you should contact R&R Sprinkler and Landscape for assistance.

Plants and Flowers

February could be a good month to get started with Azaleas. If you have previously planted them, this would be a good time to add some more. Amazon Lilies could also be an excellent addition to your garden, and this would be the right month to plant. If the weather is cooler than usual, you will probably need to add mulch to your flower bed.

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