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Backflow Preventors And Devices

Backflow is the interruption in water pressure resulting in the backward flow of contaminated water into a potable water source. The contamination usually happens at a cross connection of a public water system to the entrance of the end users water source (our homes and businesses).

When we have a water main break in our area we are told we cannot drink the water. That’s because when the water line broke it diminished the water pressure that kept the healthy water moving in the right direction (to our plumbing) and allowed the unhealthy water to enter our system. Once the water pressure is broken the water is considered contaminated. Contaminated water has many bad health consequences.

Some examples of backflow interruption are water main breaks, pipes that freeze and burst, an usually high demand for water from multiple sources at the same time or human tampering.

Regulatory agencies require that a backflow prevention device be installed between the public water source and the consumption delivery points. A backflow prevention device must be installed, maintained and tested by Stated Licensed and Certified Backflow Technician. R & R Sprinkler is a State Certified Backflow Tester and Repairer.


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